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We have a wide variety of stylish and functional tankinis for sale online in Australia with fast free postage and 20% for the next 24 hours!

Our tankini’s provide the perfect fit for everybody as compared to other products and are made available for you to buy online in Australia. With sizes from small to 3xl you will be sure to find the right Tankini that fits you. Inclusive of your purchase is the fast and free postage. Buy your own tankini’s now for your comfort and satisfaction!

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Why Our Tankini?

Instead of being uncomfortable in a bikini, wearing a tankini can go a long way in showing your playful side and still having the right amount of coverage when lounging on the beach.

They are also perfect when you want to wear something to cover up but at the same time want to have your bathers on underneath.

Tankini Australia provides these unique swimwear pieces that are both versatile and practical.

Our tankini line includes many great styles that are available in plain and print coordinates and offered in full range of sizes that will fit any body type.

At Tankinis Australia, our goal is to provide our customers the satisfaction each of us are expecting for what we paid for. For a more detailed specifications of our tankini products, please check out here.

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“I really like it when I first wore my Tankini Australia piece! The piece gave my chest area a nice, full look so it is awesome even without wearing a bra with it, because get this – it is already padded. What you will pay for is really worth it!”


Buy Tankini Online in Australia

About Our Tankini

With our great selection of stylish tankinis in Australia made available for you to buy online with fast and free shipping, you can now purchase with ease. Find out below why you’ll love our tankinis:

Functional and versatile tankinis made to keep up with you, appropriate for any activity on the beach without having to worry of any wardrobe malfunctions;

Gives flattering coverage while making you look fashionable at the same time;

Comfortable and breathable without showing more skin than necessary;

Styles that have soft cup bras provide subtle lift and shaping so show your natural curves;

Various designs to match your personal fashion styles; and

They look great on everyone as there are a variety of tankini tops that will suit different body types.

Essential Two Piece Tankini Australia

Here Are Some of the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Shipping and Delivery – How Long Will It Take to Receive My Item(s)?

We have warehouses in Melbourne and Sydney, so that we can ship our (product) to you as soon as possible no matter where you live in Australia. The vast majority of customers receive their items within five (5) business days. For more info check out Free Shipping Page.

What If I Need to Return My Item(s)?

If you decide you don’t want the item, you have up to 15 days to return it for a refund. You simply just cover the cost of postage back to us. You can read more about this on our Returns Page.

How Do I Contact You?

We have live chat on our site between 9am and 5pm Australian Time or you can send us an email or simply visit our Contact Page.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We guarantee that our products will make you happy and that our customer service will be second to none. We also pride ourselves on being the largest supplier of these products in Australia. Any issues, please get in touch, either through our live chat, or the Contact Page and we will make sure we do what we can to make you a happy customer.

What is A Tankini?

Tankinis are a modest version of a bikini swimwear, combining a tank top with a bikini bottom. Basically, it is a two-piece suit with the top covering the midriff.

Typically, tankinis provide the convenience of two-piece suits but are modest in a way as one-piece suits. Nowadays, to provide more coverage there are tankinis available in one-piece suits but appear to look like two-piece sets, either in plain colors or coordinates with prints.

Tankinis are of different types and kind, depending on your preference and need. The list includes but is not limited to the following: the V-neck padded, push-up padded tankini bikini set, essential one-piece tankini, essential two-piece tankini, boho ruffle off-the-shoulder tankini, and sporty tankini push-up swimsuit.

Different Kinds of Tankinis

V-neck Padded. Halter tankini that features V-neckline cut with built-in pads.

Push-up Padded Tankini Bikini Set. Coordinates of solid and print materials, push-up tank top with built-in pads.

Essential One-piece Tankini. One-piece tankini, with options for tube top or sleeveless top choices, available in solid and print pattern materials.

Essential Two-piece Tankini. Two-piece tankini, with options for tube top or sleeveless top choices, available in solid and print pattern materials.

Boho Ruffle Off The Shoulder Tankini. With options for one-piece or two-piece styles and either plain or print coordinates, this tankini is sure to make you a head turner.

Sporty Tankini Push-up Swimsuit. Available in one-, two-, and three-piece sets, with options for plain and print coordinates, and styles fit for active outdoor activities.

Ultimately, whatever features your tankinis have, the most important specs of it must be to give you the utmost comfort, confidence and coverage you desire.

Sporty Tankini Online

Ladies, Why Use A Tankini?

Any swimwear must be a combination of style, comfort and function. In a tankini, you get the appropriate percentage of all.

Tankinis, as swimwear, fit you well while being worn as a practical garment and at the same time, give you the confidence that you desire.

There is a great selection of styles available in tops and bottoms, both for two-piece sets or those one-piece set that seem to look like two-piece ensembles, and these are both available in either plain, print or plain and print coordinates. These makes our tankinis make you look when you’re swimming or even not – just put on a skirt or a pair of shorts over the bottom and you are good to go with your girlfriends on a drive through the boulevard.

With the right amount of coverage that tankinis give, they cover areas which you don’t find that flattering while giving more emphasis on those areas you want boosted. Also, they provide great support, just like with styles with wide straps and are padded, or those high-waisted bottoms that are great in tucking in tummies.

If you want to feel comfortable, secure and still feel sexy on the beach, see what a tankini can do for you.

How to Care for Your Tankini

You can keep your tankinis look great for a long time if you know how to care for them. Treating them as delicate garments can keep them look stylish as ever, so you get your money’s worth.

All our products are washable so you can re-use them for as long as you want. For a longer life span for your tankinis, hand wash them only with cold water and any commercial hand wash detergent. Let them soak for a while before washing them by hands.

If machine washing needs to be done instead, use the cold water setting and set it to mild. Using a lingerie bag would keep your tankinis safe from wear.

Lastly, air dry your tankinis.

Guaranteed Best Price 

The price of tankinis differs according to the style of swimwear that you desire. It is important to note that buying one must surely give you the comfort you desire, thus giving you greater satisfaction when using it on the beach. You may see cheaper deals elsewhere, but we assure you that what we offer is worth and the quality material it is made of is worth every dollar spent. Most importantly, it is sold at guaranteed the best price!

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